$299,980 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Coupe

The 330 GT featured a new frame with a wheelbase 2 inches longer than its predecessor which was heavily based on the 250 GTE. Despite the 330 GT's 2+2 layout its shape was distinctly Ferrari with a long hood and short trunk with the classic Ferrari profile. The genius shape was penned by a young Tom Tjaarda of Pininfarina who joined the firm in 1961 at the age of 27. The Colombo V12 engine was refined yet again with an enlarged block for extra cooling capacity. Displacing 3967 cubic centimeters, averaging 330cc per cylinder, the hungry V12 was fed by triple Weber carburetors and produced 300hp at 6,600rpm. Power was transferred through a manual 4-speed gearbox with electric overdrive for highway efficiency. While handling was designed for high speed touring with fully independent front suspension and a solid axle in the rear held with longitudinal pushrods and tubular shocks. Car and Driver magazine in 1965 noted the 330 GT's the cars high speed handling characteristics stating the 330 GT was “smooth as glass at anything over eighty.” Built in two distinctive series of cars only 1,087 production 330 GT's were built until 1967, the first 627 of which featured the unique four headlight arrangement. The 330 GT 2+2 today has a special moniker in Ferrari circles as it was one of the very few production cars that Enzo Ferrari drove personally with two of the prototypes driven by him as his personal cars. This car is optioned with a Wood rimmed steering wheel, Power assisted 4-wheel disc brakes, ANSA Marmitte exhaust system, 15" Borrani chrome wire wheels.

Make: Ferrari
Color: Silver
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Model: 330GT 2+2 Coupe
Engine: 4.0L V12
Odometer: 95,000 km's
Year: 1965
Interior Color: Black Leather
Price: $299,980